• TDD with Angular

    I did a presentation on TDD with Angular a couple weeks back at work and thought I’d share it here.

  • Force SSH Disconnect

    Normally when I ssh into another computer I just type exit when I’m done to disconnect. But on occasion, the connection seems to hang for no reason that I can determine.

    Tonight though, I learned of the following shortcut:


    Though I haven’t yet tested it on a hung connection my understanding is that it will immediately force a disconnect. Scratch that. It turns out that this will not disconnect a hung SSH connection. Darn.

  • TDD First Impressions

    My team at work has recently started doing Test Driven Development. Prior to this we had tests but they were almost always done after the code was written and they weren’t comprehensive.

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  • Format JSON in Vim

    Occasionally I find myself needing to format a JSON document. There a couple tools online that can do it but it’s nicer do be able to do it right inside of Vim without having to leave. Here’s a simple command to do this (you’ll need Python installed).

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  • Managing Terminal Jobs

    My terminal workflow usually involves multiple windows and tabs with a job running in each. Lately though I’ve been trying to use the capabilities that Bash provides to manage jobs and run them in the background.

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