Better Colors in Vim

I’m a sucker for pretty editors. Webstorm, Atom, Sublime and others have always have been better looking than Vim. Vim and the terminal simply weren’t able to support the 24-bit colors that the other editors could. Macvim did a lot to improve the situation but I really like to use Tmux, iTerm2, and Neovim together.

Luckily, while doing some research on the topic the other day, I finally got 24-bit color support via iTerm (nightly), Tmux, and Neovim.

Here is how to accomplish it.

1.) Install Neovim. Here are the install instructions for Homebrew on Mac. Once complete, add the following to your Vim config file.


2.) Download the nightly version of iTerm2. It supports 24-bit color.

3.) Install a patched version of Tmux that supports 24-bit color.

brew tap choppsv1/term24
brew install choppsv1/term24/tmux

Finally, here is what my setup looks like in all it’s colorful beauty.

If you’d like to checkout my dotfiles and Vim config they are on Github here.