• An Event Apart: Mobile Design Now

    Luke Wroblewski did an all day session at An Event Apart about mobile design considerations, patterns, and gotchas. It was an incredibly informative talk that provided a lot of insight into what works and what doesn’t on mobile.

    Here are some highlights I noted.

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  • Count Your Angular Watchers

    In my day job we’re building a very large Angular app that is having some performance issues. So today I started trying to do bit of tuning.

    One thing I suspected was that there were too many watches but I needed to verify this.

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  • TDD with Angular

    I did a presentation on TDD with Angular a couple weeks back at work and thought I’d share it here.

  • Force SSH Disconnect

    Normally when I ssh into another computer I just type exit when I’m done to disconnect. But on occasion, the connection seems to hang for no reason that I can determine.

    Tonight though, I learned of the following shortcut:


    Though I haven’t yet tested it on a hung connection my understanding is that it will immediately force a disconnect. Scratch that. It turns out that this will not disconnect a hung SSH connection. Darn.

  • TDD First Impressions

    My team at work has recently started doing Test Driven Development. Prior to this we had tests but they were almost always done after the code was written and they weren’t comprehensive.

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