• The Secret by Ken Blanchard

    The Martian

    I recently read the book The Secret by Ken Blanchard. It’s a book about leadership and it gives five principles to lead by in the form of an acronym: S.E.R.V.E. The premise is that if you are a leader that serves his or her team and practices the five principles outlined in the book, you’ll be a more effective leader.

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  • The Martian

    The Martian

    Today I finished reading the book The Martian by Andy Weir. It was a phenomenal read and I highly recommend it.

    The story centers around Mark Watney, an astronaut left behind on Mars by his five crew mates due to a freak accident.

    This book kept my attention with every page. The seemingly accurate scientific details, Watney’s goofy sense of humor, and the extreme conditions he finds himself in and his incredible ingenuity to work his way through it all make this book a pleasure to read. I couldn’t recommend it more.

  • Highlights of 2014

    2014 is now over and it’s been a great year. Last year my wife and I moved to Austin, TX which was a fantastic move. We’ve really enjoyed living here. The city and people here are wonderful and there’s never a shortage of things to do. While this year didn’t see as drastic a change as moving, there were some notable happenings.

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  • An Event Apart: Mobile Design Now

    Luke Wroblewski did an all day session at An Event Apart about mobile design considerations, patterns, and gotchas. It was an incredibly informative talk that provided a lot of insight into what works and what doesn’t on mobile.

    Here are some highlights I noted.

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  • Count Your Angular Watchers

    In my day job we’re building a very large Angular app that is having some performance issues. So today I started trying to do bit of tuning.

    One thing I suspected was that there were too many watches but I needed to verify this.

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